CGG and dCarbonX decarbonize exploration

Sustainable energy

United Kingdom/IrelandCGG will support dCarbonX in the subsurface assessment of its operated clean energy projects offshore Ireland and the UK.

The projects include geothermal energy and storage sites for CO2, hydrogen and ammonia. Such projects are critical in the ongoing energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy systems. CGG brings its integrated geoscience solutions to help identify and de-risk subsurface storage, sequestration and geothermal energy sites.


dCarbonX is pioneering offshore decarbonization exploration as a new, innovative, and sustainable enabler of the energy transition. dCarbonX applies integrated business, geoscientific and well engineering solutions to deliver sustainable subsurface baseload assets, such as green hydrogen storage, carbon sequestration capacity and geothermal energy.

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