Battery-powered mining trucks aid BHP and Caterpillar zero-emission goals

Battery-powered mining trucks aid BHP and Caterpillar’s zero-emission goals

Sustainable energy

United StatesBHP and Caterpillar have agreed to collaborate on the development of zero-emissions battery-powered big mining trucks.

Caterpillar’s brand-new vehicles, which will be designed and constructed in-house, will accelerate the global transition to zero-emissions mining. Mining trucks are the lifeblood of mine sites all over the world, making them an essential component of strategies to accomplish sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals. BHP, like Caterpillar, is serious about addressing climate change; they plan to be a net-zero operator by 2050.

Early access to zero-emissions equipment

As part of the recently announced partnership, BHP will get early access to Caterpillar’s zero-emissions equipment and will contribute to the development and testing procedures. The resulting partnership will define the procedures, technology, and infrastructure that will eventually support future zero-emissions equipment and mine sites. This achievement is the result of more than a year of close collaboration between BHP and Caterpillar in studying energy consumption and opportunities for implementing new technology at BHP locations.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are critical components of both firms’ business strategies. BHP is resolute in its commitment to diversity and inclusion; in 2016, the business announced an aspirational target of achieving gender balance by 2025.

Given both firms’ D&I passion, it’s not unexpected that a key component of the newly announced collaboration focuses on fostering a more inclusive mining industry. Throughout the design process, BHP will provide essential feedback to assist Caterpillar in building equipment that can be operated and serviced by a diverse workforce.