Arup joins Danish North Sea Energy Island project

Sustainable energy

Denmark – Arup has been appointed Technical Advisor for the North Sea Energy Island project in Denmark, which will be the world’s first artificial island designed to harvest the North Sea’s sustainable wind energy potential.

Climate change necessitates new and ambitious solutions: the North Sea Energy Island, as a world first, is the type of flagship infrastructure project that will define the renewable energy market in the coming decades, helping to power Europe’s green transformation and fossil fuel phase-out.

Modular design

The North Sea Energy Island is a transformational project based on an innovative modular design that will redefine Europe’s collective journey towards sustainable energy generation.

The North Sea Energy Island is a small artificial island that can be expanded with modular components that can be added and removed as needed. Because the modules are built on land and connected to the North Sea Energy Island, the island can easily be expanded to accommodate more than Denmark’s current ambition of 10 GW of offshore wind power. It can also be modified to account for rapid advances in Power-to-X and other technologies between 2030 and 2050.

The modules can be constructed on land, while the reclaimed island and offshore wind turbines are constructed at sea, saving time during the construction phase. rsted and ATP estimate that the energy island in the North Sea can deliver green power two years before an inflexible, contained island using this flexible, modular concept.