Airbus tests usage of renewable fuel on its fleet of ships

Sustainable energy

The Netehrlands – Over the next 18 months, Airbus will conduct its first test campaign to examine the usage of renewable fuel for its fleet of ships.

The renewable diesel fuel is offered by Neste and created in Rotterdam from HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, or Remaining Cooking Oil), which is free of fossil fuels and additives. The gasoline will be utilized for the first time on the Airbus vessel “Ciudad de Cadiz” traveling between the production facilities of the A320 family along the route Saint-Nazaire-Tunis-Naples-Saint-Nazaire, which is operated by LDA, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

Test campaign

Around 330 tons of the entire fuel used over the 18-month test campaign is anticipated to be renewable, which will save CO2 emissions by up to 20% every trip compared to fossil fuels. Airbus hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by about 6,000 tons in a year, only on this route.

Airbus continually introduces alternative energy options for the many modes of transportation it utilizes, including air, land, and sea, in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of its industrial activities. Through this test program, Airbus and its partners will be able to assess the engine of the vessel and the performance of the renewable fuel to determine how much the CO2 emissions have been reduced.