Energizing program European Industry & Energy Summit 2021


The plenary opening of the European Industry & Energy Summit 2021 promises fireworks once again. Keynote speeches by Melanie Maas-Brunner, CTO of BASF, Holger Kreetz, COO of Uniper, Hans van den Berg, CEO Tata Steel Netherlands and Professor Bert Weckhuysen of Utrecht University set the tone for the central theme: the role of industry in the energy transition.

The two days of the Summit (December 7th and 8th, Rotterdam Ahoy) are getting increasingly full. With contributions from TNO, which supports the industry in its transformation to carbon-free production. CroonWolter&dros is demonstrating that it is using its knowledge to support the energy transition at TenneT and Vattenfall. The TKI Energy and Industry will also provide an interesting programme on innovation in industrial energy transition.

Day two will start with a programme by FME, which will show that a lot of CO2 emissions can already be avoided with existing innovative products. And, last but not least, we will end this day with the Dragons’ Den of Transition. Here, a number of innovators will announce their need for money or other support to the dragons. It will be exciting to see which dragon can help the innovators to accelerate the energy transition.

There will also be contributions from ABB Benelux, ARC CBBC and Uniper (programme to follow). And also follow the integral lines on hydrogen and CCUS.

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