Natural Power supports Zenobē with Europe’s largest battery connection


United Kingdom – Zenobē has chosen Natural Power to support its 100 MW battery storage project in Capenhurst, Chester.

Once completed, it will be Europe’s largest transmission connected battery and the world’s first to absorb reactive power directly from the grid, allowing excess power to be stored and released only when needed.

Through its ControlCentre, Natural Power will provide grid code compliance services. This includes the installation of remote-control telephony, which will allow it to communicate with the National Grid. Natural Power will also provide high-voltage support to the project’s 33kV network, such as safety rules, 24/7 standby, and SAP support for planned and reactive work.

Minimal impact

The Capenhurst site is currently under construction, with a completion date set for summer 2022. Once operational, the site will provide a reactive power service to the Mersey region at a significantly lower cost to consumers, ensuring the region’s power supply. In addition, it will save over a million tonnes of CO2 over the next 15 years.

Zenobē’s high-voltage engineering team collaborated with its supply chain partners to optimize not only reactive power absorption but also concurrent active power services. This innovative design, which included a direct connection to the 275 kV bay, allowed for the stacking of multiple active power, capacity, and voltage services to provide the lowest cost to the consumer while also reducing carbon emissions significantly. While adding several habitat enhancements, the solution has a minimal impact on the environment and local community.