FREYR battery cells for Honeywell energy storage solutions


Norway Honeywell and FREYR Battery have signed an agreement under which FREYR will use Honeywell’s leading technology offerings in their manufacturing process, subject to viability.

These include integrated automation, field instrumentation, and security integration solutions. Honeywell will buy 19 GWh of FREYR battery cells from 2023 to 2030 as part of the partnership for a variety of energy storage system applications.

Honeywell and FREYR have agreed to work together to develop smart energy storage solutions to meet the demands of a wide range of commercial and industrial customers. For large-scale production in Europe and the United States, FREYR plans to use Honeywell’s extensive expertise in software and automation systems, such as quality assurance and controls and industrial software.

This project’s battery cells can be used in both “behind-the-meter” and “front-of-meter” applications, such as large solar and wind power generation facilities.

Wim Raaijen
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