Cummins invests in energy storage technology company VoltStorage


Germany – VoltStorage, a well-known technology company that creates energy storage systems based on environmentally friendly redox flow technology, will receive a $24 million investment from Cummins.

VoltStorage was established in 2016 by Jakob Bitner, Michael Peither, and Felix Kiefl and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. The business creates ground-breaking, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly battery solutions based on redox flow technology. For business and agricultural enterprises, VoltStorage creates and manufactures commercial storage systems based on the notably eco-friendly vanadium redox flow technology. A low-cost iron salt battery is also being developed by an international research and development team; due to its unique properties, it is particularly well suited for ensuring base load capability for wind and solar farms.

New benchmarks

The company is establishing new benchmarks in the field of long-duration energy storage with the development of the iron salt technology by providing wind and solar farms with a highly resource-efficient and cost-effective option for ensuring base load capability.

According to VoltStorage, Cummins’ investment will be used to create more substantial redox flow storage systems for industrial, commercial, and residential areas. The iron salt technology’s product development will also be sped up in the direction of commercialization.