CIP and Alcemi team up for 4GW energy storage in UK


United Kingdom – Energy storage assets totaling 4GW will be developed, built, and operated by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Alcemi as part of a partnership to help the UK transition to net zero energy use by 2050.

Europe’s largest energy storage projects are currently in the final stages of development, with planned storage capacities of between 300MW and 500MW each, and a storage duration of up to four hours. They are being built in strategic locations to reduce the impact of network constraints on the transmission system. A reduction in energy costs and a reduction in the carbon intensity of the UK’s power sector will be achieved by making better use of the country’s renewable energy resources and reducing the need for fossil fuel (primarily gas-fired) power generation at peak times of demand.

Project preparations

CIP and Alcemi’s original investor, Susgen, have backed the company since its inception, and Alcemi intends to continue developing the projects with their help. Preparation for the first project, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2023, will begin this year with procurement activities led by the CIP. The second half of this century is expected to see a steady stream of new construction projects.