Smart electrification – BilfingerTebodin

In order to meet climate targets, many companies are investigating how they can become less dependent on natural gas. Electrification is one of the possibilities, but it also has its drawbacks. Engineering and consultancy firm Bilfinger Tebodin, advocates smart electrification by using a step-by-step plan.

The first step is to reduce energy demand and use existing energy carriers as optimally as possible. The next step is to reuse residual heat. The third step towards electrification is to increase the residual heat potential and make even better use of it by using heat pumps. The last step would be to electrify. 

Bilfinger Tebodin applies the step-by-step plan to companies that ask them for advice. Bilfinger Tebodin will discuss a number of cases during this session. 

In this session: Izak Boot (Lead utilities engineer/energy consultant) and Joost Zittema (business consultant). Moderator: Wouter van Gerwen (Value Engineering Facilitator and innovation manager)

Find here an article of Bilfinger Tebodin about smart electrification.