Wärtsilä equips bulk carrier with hybrid and solar energy solution


Finland For the first time, Wärtsilä has installed a hybrid power system on a bulk carrier vessel in collaboration with Marfin Management and Solbian.

In 2016, Onomichi Dockyard in Japan constructed the M/V Paolo Topic, a bulk carrier managed by Marfin Management S.A.M and delivered in 2017.

An energy management system and batteries are included in the Wärtsilä HY Module solution, which provides auxiliary power to the utility grid. The benefits of combining solar panels with other sources of energy like wind turbines are even greater. The marine industry’s major challenges of reducing operating costs while reducing environmental impact will be addressed. To achieve this, the solution reduces fuel consumption and maintenance requirements, while delivering cleaner, safer, and more efficient operations. It also contributes to the ship’s position in terms of the industry’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

Emissions are reduced by optimizing onboard power production, consumption, and management with the Wärtsilä Hy Module for Bulkers containerized solution. Wärtsilä’s highly sophisticated Energy Management System (EMS) can be combined and integrated with an energy storage system and additional energy sources, such as solar power, to provide auxiliary power. This is a maritime industry first, as the EMS has overall control over the engines, batteries, and power distribution.

It was not necessary to dry dock because the containerized solution was placed on the ship’s deck.