Vodafone and RWE unite to power German cellular network with offshore wind


Germany – Vodafone Group and RWE have forged a transformative deal to power thousands of cellular network towers across Germany with renewable energy from offshore wind turbines in the North Sea.

With approximately 26,000 towers nationwide, Vodafone plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication for millions of users across Germany. The cornerstone of this collaboration is the Kaskasi offshore wind farm, poised to become a major contributor to Germany’s renewable energy landscape. Scheduled to start operations in 2026, Kaskasi will supply a staggering 250 gigawatt hours per year, significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional energy sources.


As part of the agreement, Vodafone has installed offshore mobile radio station at the Kaskasi wind farm. This strategic deployment enables real-time connectivity for technicians, drones, and sensors, facilitating efficient monitoring and maintenance of wind turbine operations.

The integration of inspection drones and networked human health sensors underscores the commitment to safety and operational excellence. By leveraging 5G technology, Vodafone and RWE aim to detect and address technical issues promptly, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance of the offshore wind infrastructure.