Vestas sets benchmark with new turbine


With the launch of the V236-15.0MW turbine, Vestas has taken another phase in offshore innovation.

The new technology provides a solid base for Vestas’ offshore leadership path by rising the industry’s output benchmark and consistent cost savings in the offshore technology market.

Unmatched leader

Vestas has played a leading role in the increase of the influence of renewables in the global energy system, as a technological leader for over 40 years with 25 years of offshore expertise and an unmatchable installed base.

Vestas drive to mature the clean energy market has enabled this development by leveraging their experience to increases sector expectations in order to support larger sizes.

This continuing effort is being followed by the V236-15.0 MW, through the optimal design synergies of existing turbine platforms, for instance, 9 MW and EnVentus systems, and through a modular approach for scale components the production of industrialized turbine design.

Industry leader

The V236-15.0 MW provides industry-leading output with the world’s largest swept area reaching 43,000 m2 and expands wind production limits to about 80 GWh/year, which power about 20,000 European houses and save more than 38,000 tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of 25,000 passenger cars being taken out of the road annually.

The goal is to merge the largest rotor in the wind industry with the highest nominal rating to achieve outstanding efficiency while reducing the number of turbines in parks, improving the business case of the project.

The worldwide applicable offshore turbine delivers 65% more electricity than V174-9.5MW per annum and raises its output by 5% with 34 less turbines in a 900 MW wind farm.

It provides excellent partial load efficiency, leading to reliable power production and a capacity factor of more than 60% based on site conditions.

The first V236-15.0 MW prototype is expected to be installed in 2022, while serial production is scheduled for 2024. 


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