Undersea substation innovation for floating offshore wind


United Kingdom – Scotland’s first offshore wind undersea substation, built by Aker Offshore Wind, will be used by the company in its bids for large offshore wind farms.

Aker Solutions will develop, manufacture, and supply the multi-million-dollar subsea innovation in Scotland, opening up significant export potential for the country’s enterprises.

Wind turbine substations, which help transport the energy generated by the turbines to people’s homes and businesses, are typically located on land. However, transferring them to the seabed has significant advantages in terms of dependability and cost. Seawater, for example, can be employed as a natural cooling system, while temperature stability, fewer components, and the absence of spinning parts boost reliability. In addition, less maintenance and less material use can lower operational expenses further.

Aker Offshore Wind and Ocean Winds have teamed up to submit a series of floating bids that potentially supply up to 6,000MW of energy in the Outer Moray Firth as part of the ScotWind licensing process. It would be the largest wind energy project in the United Kingdom, with the potential to supply clean electricity to millions of homes.

Given the company’s history and experience working in the North Sea, Aker Offshore Wind is well-positioned to create jobs, open doors for the local economy, and improve the environment in significant ways. Subsea substation and related power system designs are being developed by Aker Solutions, a sister company of Aker Offshore Wind and a main supplier to UK wind projects. The company’s Aberdeen facilities would help with the delivery of substations.

In deep waters and several miles from the coast, the floating offshore turbines offered by ScotWind will allow the delivery of green energy on a large scale. Both Aker Offshore Wind and Ocean Winds have submitted joint bids, which will aid Scotland’s economy in making the switch to renewable energy sources.

The most recent development in renewable energy technology is offshore wind turbines that float. Around 80% of the world’s wind power is located in oceans deeper than 60 meters, making it impossible to build a wind farm on a pier.