Umicore to get electricity from Engie’s North Sea wind farms


Belgium – Umicore has signed two long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with ENGIE and Axpo in Belgium to source renewable energy from offshore and onshore wind turbines.

These agreements will cover more than half of Umicore’s Belgian electricity demand, assisting the company in meeting its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035. Both contracts will primarily serve Umicore’s Hoboken plant.

Supplying renewable energy

Umicore has secured the production of 28 MW of ENGIE’s offshore wind turbines in the Belgian North Sea under the terms of the agreement with ENGIE. ENGIE will supply Umicore with approximately 100 GWh of renewable energy per year until 2030.

Umicore will receive renewable electricity from a Belgian onshore wind farm under a 14-year PPA with Axpo. This wind farm’s production has been exclusively secured by Umicore, with Axpo providing around 35 GWh per year until 2035.

Umicore’s Let’s Go for Zero ESG strategy aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 emissions, which stem from on-site operations, and scope 2 emissions, which stem from energy purchases, by 2035. Umicore’s first goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2025 compared to the baseline year of 2019.