Swedish wind farm gets turbines from GE’s Cypress platform


Sweden – OX2 has selected GE Renewable Energy as the supplier for the 146 MW Klevberget wind farm in Ånge, Sweden.

The project, which includes a 35-year full-service contract and will use 24 turbines from GE’s Cypress onshore wind platform, will be GE’s fifth Cypress project with OX2.

Cypress turbines

The Cypress turbines will generate 6.1 MW and have a rotor diameter of 158 meters at the Swedish wind farm. The wind turbines will be installed at the project site in Q2 2023, and the turbines will be fully commissioned and operational in the second half of 2023.

Wind turbines with rotor diameters of 158 and 164 meters, various hub heights, and power ratings ranging from 4.8 to 6.1 MW are part of the Cypress platform. It comes with single-piece and jointed blade options, making logistics easier and increasing output from difficult-to-reach locations.