Successful German offshore wind auction for RWE


Germany RWE has more than doubled its success in the German offshore auction. The Essen-based energy company has been given two offshore wind sites, according to the German Federal Network Agency.

RWE was able to gain a lease (N-3.7) for an offshore wind farm with a maximum capacity of 225 megawatts in the North Sea (MW). RWE was also given a second site in the Baltic Sea (O-1.3) with a potential capacity of 300 MW. The company wants to use synergies from its existing offshore wind farms to deliver both projects, which are set to go live in 2026.

RWE’s opponent has so-called step-in-rights to the Baltic Sea lease (O-1.3). As a result, a final judgment on the award may not be made until the beginning of November. RWE and its partner Northland Power have step-in rights to another of today’s auctioned sites, N-3.8 in the North Sea, with a capacity of 433 MW.

RWE is one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, ranking second in offshore wind. RWE now operates four offshore wind farms in the German North Sea, with a fifth project – the 342 MW Kaskasi offshore wind farm – under construction. Arkona, one of the largest offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, is also part of the German RWE portfolio, with an installed capacity of 385 MW (RWE share 50 percent).

Wim Raaijen
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