Shell starts production at its first US renewable natural gas facility 


United States – Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, has successfully started up and begun production of renewable natural gas (RNG) at its first biomethane plant in the United States, Shell New Energies Junction City in Oregon.

The facility will generate approximately 736,000 MMBtu of RNG per year by utilizing locally produced cow manure and excess agricultural leftovers. This achievement is part of a growing portfolio of RNG production and distribution assets that support the use of low-carbon renewable compressed natural gas (R-CNG) as a fuel for heavy-duty, on-road transportation.

900,000 zero carbon MMBtu of RNG

Shell is building more RNG manufacturing facilities that will be integrated into operating dairies. Shell Downstream Galloway is produced at the High Plains Ponderosa Dairy in Plains, Kansas, and Shell Downstream Bovarius is produced at the Bettencourt Dairies in Wendell, Idaho. Together, these two dairy RNG facilities have the capacity to create roughly 900,000 MMBtu of RNG with a zero carbon footprint per year.

Shell New Energies Junction City, Shell Downstream Galloway, and Shell Downstream Bovarius production is expected to contribute to the supply of Shell R-CNG fueling stations planned at the company’s product distribution complexes in Carson, Van Nuys, Signal Hill, and San Jose, California, as well as at a terminal owned by Shell Midstream Partners L.P. in Portland, Oregon. When compared to regular diesel fuel, R-CNG is an attractive solution for fleets looking to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing consumers with 100 percent R-CNG, these fuelling stations would be able to significantly decarbonize product movements out of the ports.

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