RWE to develop new wind farm in Hesse


Germany – RWE, one of the world’s leading companies in renewable energies, has emerged as the winner of a tender in the Hessian state forest.

The company will embark on planning a wind farm with an impressive installed capacity of over 30 megawatts (MW) in the municipality of Staufenberg, Hesse. Once operational, these wind turbines are poised to generate sufficient green electricity to power around 22,000 households in the region annually. This ambitious project is a crucial step in achieving Germany’s renewable energy goals and demonstrates RWE’s unwavering commitment to expanding its green portfolio.

Hesse’s wind potential

With over 42 percent of its area covered by forests, Hesse boasts above-average forest coverage, making it an ideal region for harnessing wind energy. The chosen sites for the wind farm are those that have been cleared or well-developed for forestry, offering ample opportunities for wind turbines without compromising valuable existing forests, sensitive areas for biodiversity protection, or recreational spaces. RWE is keen on engaging with local stakeholders to ensure environmental considerations and species protection are taken into account while developing the wind farm.

RWE is already in discussions with various local stakeholders to explore synergies and foster collaboration. These talks include potential cooperation opportunities with Kassel-based energy supplier and project developer EAM Natur Energie GmbH, which also plans to erect wind turbines in the adjacent municipal land of Allendorf (Lumda). Additionally, RWE has initiated early consultations with Sonnenland eG, a local citizens’ energy cooperative, to explore citizen participation and benefits for the surrounding communities. Information events for interested residents will be conducted as part of the planning process to ensure transparency and inclusivity.