RWE launches call for innovations in offshore wind


Germany – RWE, a pioneer in offshore wind, has opened the second iteration of its annual Innovation Challenge.

In the areas of ecology, system integration, and circularity in offshore wind, the company is seeking answers. RWE is committed to investigating and promoting cutting-edge ideas that will both quicken the deployment of offshore wind and help offshore wind farms around the world develop sustainably. Participants have until April 17, 2023, to submit their proposals.

Circularity, system integration and ecology

Start-ups, scale-ups, research institutions, as well as other people and organizations, are invited by RWE to submit a creative solution in one of the three areas of ecological, system integration, or circularity. RWE is looking for innovative ecological ideas that would have a net positive impact on biodiversity at the new offshore wind farm sites. For the circularity area, RWE would be open to novel approaches that enhance circularity and reduce waste during the course of an offshore wind farm. Also, RWE is seeking ground-breaking offshore solutions in the area of system integration that will increase system flexibility or reduce curtailment.

Global offshore wind

The winners will have the chance to work with RWE development teams all across the world to examine the value of their innovation for offshore wind projects. For instance, the winning bid for Hollandse Kust West site VII included prizes from the prior innovation competition. With the intention of being implemented at the specific offshore wind farm location, these innovators are currently a part of the implementation phase. The winners also join the RWE Technical Innovation program, which offers access to top specialists and the chance to advance, test, and grow the suggested remedy in innovative initiatives.

Wim Raaijen
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