RWE and University of Gdansk accelerate Polish offshore wind growth


Poland RWE Renewables and the University of Gdansk have teamed forces to accelerate offshore wind energy development through teaching and research.

Last Monday, RWE’s Polish subsidiary Baltic Trade and Invest Sp. z o.o. and the University of Gdansk signed a similar Framework Cooperation Agreement. The agreement covers a wide range of cooperation endeavors, such as offshore wind research and development projects.

This involves the transfer of technology and the commercialization of research results, as well as the development of analysis and innovations for the optimal use of maritime regions. Both organizations will also work together to organize scientific conferences, symposia, and other opportunities for knowledge and expertise transfer, as well as to inspire new scientific research that will aid in the growth of offshore wind energy in Poland and beyond.

RWE is implementing the offshore wind project F.E.W. Baltic II in Poland. The wind farm will be built in the heart of Poland’s exclusive economic zone, near the town of Ustka, and will have a capacity of 350 megawatts (MW). RWE will make a significant contribution to the green energy transition in Poland, one of its critical core markets in Europe, with this initiative.

RWE already has a well-established onshore business in the country, with roughly 370 MW (pro rata view, as of 31 December 2020) of installed capacity in operation, and further onshore projects in development and construction. RWE is also constantly diversifying its renewables portfolio in Poland by investing in solar projects. RWE, one of the world’s leading renewable energy providers, plans to invest €5 billion net in renewable energy from 2020 to 2022, increasing its worldwide renewables portfolio to more than 13 gigatonnes of net capacity.