Royal IHC and Vallianz building new offshore wind SOV


The Netherlands – As part of a joint effort between Vallianz and Royal IHC, the two companies are designing and building a next-generation Service Operation Vessel (SOV).

The battery hybrid SOV, designed by Royal IHC, is the first of its kind in the industry, with advanced levels of integration and autonomy and high operational efficiency. Since the technology is low-cost and low-emitting, it allows for high levels of safety, dependability and usability. With a full battery offshore charging system and alternative fuels for propulsion, the SOV can be ready for true zero-emission operations while still providing a more sustainable performance.

The SOV will have a fully integrated service package that includes a dynamic positioning system, a motion compensated gangway and crane, an elevator tower, and a daughter craft with step-less boat landings. There will be plenty of room for storage, workshops, operational offices, and passenger rest areas.

BSM Deutschland collaboration

The Group has also signed a memorandum of understanding with BSM Deutschland, which will provide ship management services for the SOV, to make the building and future operations of the SOV easier. Among the ship management services BSM Deutschland will provide for SOV are vessel operations, fleet management, and crewing. For the SOV’s offshore wind farm operations, BSM Deutschland will provide relevant ship management input into the design of the SOV.