Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom partner on offshore charging


United Kingdom – In a ground-breaking proposal to drastically cut emissions from ships waiting outside the port, the Port of Aberdeen will work with Stillstrom by Maersk, a recently established offshore charging venture firm.

According to the agreement, Port of Aberdeen and Stillstrom will work together to complete a feasibility assessment for a cutting-edge offshore renewable charging station. The ocean cleantech idea gives ships a platform to use electricity from either offshore wind or grid energy, removing the requirement for ships to burn fossil fuels when they are at rest. Additionally, the invention enables battery packs to be charged aboard appropriate vessels.

Offshore charging

An implementation plan for the prospective installation of offshore charging infrastructure at the Port of Aberdeen will be created by the study, which will last through the end of the year. As part of the study, Stillstrom and the Port will analyze the advantages, use cases, essential needs, economics, and stakeholder involvement. The offshore charging concept developed by Stillstrom is applicable to a wide range of ocean industry players, including idle merchant ships in ports and hubs and offshore renewable energy.

With more than 6,000 vessels arriving and anchoring outside the Port of Aberdeen each year, it is one of the busiest ports in the UK. The Port’s well-developed “Green Port” policy looks at a variety of opportunities to reduce emissions, such as quayside electrification, the use of alternative fuels and low-carbon power sources, and sustainable waste management.