Ørsted and ARK Nature work on marine rewilding at offshore wind farms


The Netherlands – In a new partnership Ørsted and ARK Nature are testing the potential of rewilding principles to restore vital oceanic biodiversity.

As a first step, restoring shellfish reefs in the North Sea is a priority, and the project’s findings can be used to develop best practices for offshore wind farms around the world, ensuring a net positive impact on nature.

Our life support system, biodiversity, is dwindling at an alarmingly rapid rate. Climate change is a major factor in this urgent global crisis. Efforts to address these problems must be coordinated because time is of the essence in both cases. In order to expedite the global green transition, we must find ways to coexist with nature restoration and renewable energy infrastructure.

A healthy ocean is essential for the survival of diverse ecosystems and a healthy society, and this is something that ARK and Ørsted are working together to achieve.