UK researchers help cut costs of solar technology

Offshore solar system has survived North Sea for 1.5 years


The NetherlandsThe offshore solar system of Oceans of Energy survived all storms in the past 18 months. This shows the system is ready for the realization of combined offshore solar and wind projects creating 100 to 5.000 MW of offshore solar energy per project. 

By using only 5 percent of the Dutch North Sea half of the total energy demand – six times todays electricity demand – of the Netherlands can be generated. This can be accomplished by using the space in-between offshore wind turbines, avoiding use of scarce land.

One large solar farm system

In December 2019 the solar farm system was deployed off the Dutch coast. One year later an additional offshore array was set up further off the coast at the North Sea Farmers Test Site. In recent months both offshore solar systems were brought together and are now operating as one large offshore solar farm system, 15 kilometer off the coast of The Hague/Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

Oceans of Energy is a Dutch company specializing in offshore solar energy, and the associated mooring technologies and environmental impact research. The company has raised 15 million euro of funding and aims for a next investment round in 2022 for further scaling up.