New Dutch wind farm to accelerate green energy transition


The Netherlands Cargill and Vattenfall are collaborating with Windpark Hanze in the Netherlands to build a wind farm that is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 350,000 metric tons per year, which is equivalent to providing electricity to more than 95,000 Dutch homes per year once construction is completed.

The 15-turbine onshore wind farm will be installed in the Flevoland province near the city of Dronten. It will have a total installed capacity of 90 megawatts and will be fully operational by 2023. Windpark Hanze recently reached financial close, and civil work has already begun.

Under a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Vattenfall will receive 78 megawatts from the planned onshore wind farm, and Cargill will receive 2.9 terawatthours from Vattenfall under a 10-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). As a result, the renewable energy generated by 13 wind turbines at the wind farm will power more than 90% of Cargill’s grid-based electrical consumption in the Netherlands.

The 10-year CPPA is Cargill’s largest physical renewable power purchase ever signed and the first in Europe.