New crane for offshore wind turbine components introduced


The Netherlands – Huisman has developed a 700mt Travelling Quayside Crane for offshore wind turbine component loading.

The move is being made in response to increased demand for large 2,600mt and 4,000mt Skyhook Cranes for foundation piece loading and floating turbine installation. The load-out process of offshore wind turbine components can be completed significantly faster with this 700mt Travelling Quayside Crane than with traditional methods that involve crawler cranes or tandem-lifting by two cranes with capacities ranging from 200mt to 300mt.

Electric power

The new Quayside Crane is entirely electric, with a direct connection to the quayside power grid. This allows regenerative energy to be directed back into the utility grid, drastically reducing the crane’s net energy consumption.

Although the crane is designed to travel on a 16m wide track, this can be modified to meet local needs. The crane, which can lift 700mt at a radius of 25m, can transport many turbine components to any location in the hold of the majority of cargo vessels currently used for turbine transportation. The ability to travel at a reasonable speed while carrying a load allows for a more flexible delivery schedule of components to the load-out quayside. This results in more efficient quayside use and a faster turnaround time for the transportation vessel.