New alliance provides ‘one-stop-shop’ for offshore renewables


Norway Windstaller Alliance was formed by Aker Solutions, DeepOcean, and Solstad Offshore.

The new alliance seeks to provide the world’s most cost-effective and comprehensive offshore wind product supply, fabrication, and maritime services offering. Other offshore renewables areas will be pursued by the partnership as well.

Windstaller Alliance will unite the three offshore industry giants’ existing well-established capabilities and knowledge. This will result in a fully integrated and highly adaptable one-stop shop provider. The alliance will be able to provide product deliveries, fabrication services, marine and subsea operations, and related technical services to the offshore renewables industry.

The Windstaller Alliance will advertise the three firms’ offerings, as well as seek and develop business opportunities where they can combine their technologies, capabilities, experience, and resources to provide an unrivaled solution to the offshore renewables sector at a low cost.

Through greater integration of services, project management, and maritime asset use, the Windstaller Alliance intends to reduce the number of supplier interfaces, consequently lowering technical and commercial project risk as well as execution time.

Working together

Through Aker Solutions and DeepOcean, Windstaller Alliance has access to a substantial product, fabrication, and maritime services portfolio, as well as related engineering and project management capabilities. Aker Solutions also has over 15,000 people and world-class competence in complicated construction of wind turbine substructures, including four state-of-the-art yards and a large product portfolio in subsea and topside equipment.

DeepOcean, an ocean service provider, brings substantial offshore renewables knowledge, as well as specialised assets for the renewables sectors, including as trenchers and cable maintenance spans. Through 900 personnel and more than 50 ROVs, the company provides the alliance with specialist underwater installation and servicing solutions for offshore renewables.

Solstad Offshore, which has been assisting with offshore wind farm construction, operations, and maintenance since 2009, contributes through a global presence with over 3,600 personnel and a fleet of 90 boats accessible to the alliance.

The alliance members will work together to discover market opportunities and decide which prospects and solutions to pursue on a case-by-case basis. The precise execution scope and collaboration strategy for a single project will be determined by customer preferences and market conditions.

Windstaller Alliance offering

Windstaller Alliance will provide engineering services, as well as subsea survey, inspection, and site preparation services, during the preparatory phase for marine operations of offshore renewables projects.

The collaboration may also supply product deliveries such as subsea technology and substructure fabrication for wind turbines, as well as yard services such as logistics, site management, and crane operations. The collaboration will also offer assistance to optimize product designs from a maritime operations standpoint. Windstaller Alliance has the expertise to provide trenching and inter-array cable lay services, as well as towing, mooring, hook-up, and commissioning operations throughout the installation phase.

During the operations phase of an offshore renewables field, the partnership will provide life of field IMR (inspection, maintenance, and repair) services, CSOVs, and offshore structure maintenance, modification, and operations support.

Except for precisely agreed-upon initiatives, Windstaller Partnership shall be a non-incorporated, asset-light alliance with no common ownership or liability for vessels or other assets.