Minesto’s next-generation tidal turbines commercially ready


United Kingdom Minesto’s utility-scale Dragon Class tidal energy power plants are each projected to produce 3.5 GWh of clean electricity per year at identified sites based on data analysis and verified simulations.

During the autumn, Minesto’s grid-connected power plant in Vestmannad, Faroe Islands, ran continuous electricity production tests with a Dragon Class scale model (D2) in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, which were analyzed along with new record-level performance data. There are no issues with the CFD models based on these production data.

D12 tidal kite systems are expected to produce 3.5GWh per year if they are installed at sites like the Hestfjord Strait in the Faroe Islands, where Minesto is working with the Faroese electric utility company SEV to install a proposed first 10MW commercial array..

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