Maersk and GustoMSC developing new European wind installation vessel


Denmark – Maersk Supply Service and Dutch GustoMSC have formed a cooperation to develop the next-generation wind installation vessel for the European market.

The goal is to create an enhanced model that is fit for Europe’s increasing offshore wind sector. The new design will be based on the same patent and features as the current feeder type, which was designed to work in US waters. Because of this innovative design, the jack-up Wind Installation Vessel may stay at the wind park while the tower, nacelle, and blades of the wind turbines are gathered by tugs and barges travelling back and forth from the port. This concept is more efficient and cost-effective than standard jack-up vessels by more than 30%.

This approach is also less weather-dependent, allowing for year-round installation. These characteristics, when combined, will improve operational performance and lower the levelized cost of offshore wind power.

European market

“Europe is an attractive market for offshore wind, and we believe that our concept is also suitable for this region. As the Wind Installation Vessel itself does not sail into ports, this can solve some of the bottlenecks we currently see in Europe, where only a few ports are large enough to handle the growing wind turbine sizes. We look forward to collaborating with GustoMSC on getting this new basic design ready,” says the Chief Commercial Officer at Maersk Supply Service, Jonas Munch Agerskov.

The basic design phase will soon begin, and Maersk Supply Service and GuscoMSC expect to complete it by the end of 2023.