Lhyfe and WPD to connect Swedish offshore wind with hydrogen production

Hydrogen Renewables

Sweden – As part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), WPD Offshore and Lhyfe have agreed to work together to establish and connect a facility for green hydrogen production to WPD’s planned Storgrundet offshore wind farm in Söderhamn, Sweden.

An installed capacity of 600 MW will make the project one of the most ambitious green hydrogen projects in Sweden and Europe, according to Lhyfe. Starting in 2025, the proposed facility is expected to be fully operational in conjunction with the Storgrundet wind farm’s commissioning.


An interconnected wind farm and green hydrogen production site will be located close to each other to ensure that the source of renewable energy is always available for the facility. Together with wpd, Lhyfe will design, build, and operate the system.

The Storgrundet offshore wind farm’s planned installed power capacity is 1 GW. The planned hydrogen production capacity for the plant is 600 MW, which can produce up to 240 tonnes of hydrogen per day. Hydrogen and wind farms will be connected to the grid jointly, allowing for improved performance in the electricity market and the opportunity to participate in Swedish regulatory markets through support service providers.

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