Jan de Nul integrates marine mammal detection onboard its vessels


The Netherlands – With the help of Seiche, the Jan De Nul Group has begun sea trials for an automated marine mammal detection system on board its vessels.

The Adhémar de Saint-Venant, which is currently working off the coast of the Netherlands, has been outfitted with Seiche’s thermal and visual cameras for this purpose. In May 2021, a collaboration agreement was signed to begin this innovative pilot project using Seiche’s new HD thermal cameras. The AI software will be fine-tuned for future projects with the help of the first camera trials.

British company Seiche specializes in underwater measurement and acoustic systems along with advanced visual detection systems. Based in the United Kingdom. Four Jan De Nul employees proposed and started the pilot as part of an internal Innovation Challenge at Jan De Nul Group to use this innovative technology during marine offshore operations.

Work on the Hollandse Kust (noord) and (west Alpha) projects is currently being carried out by Adhémar de Saint-Venant, a multipurpose vessel. Jan De Nul and Seiche installed the detection system on board in Zeebrugge. Over the next two months, the ship’s visual and thermal cameras will be tested to the fullest extent possible.

The trial

Seiche will be able to gather the data needed to test and fine-tune the AI capacity of the automated detection function and the visual distances these cameras can cover through this trial.

First step toward fully automated detection of marine mammals, which will set a new standard for all offshore construction and dredging projects around the world. The goal is to improve the protection of marine mammals while also lowering the dangers, costs, and negative effects on the environment.