Iberdrola develops Windanker offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea


Germany Iberdrola is developing its third offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea, Windanker, which will have 300 MW installed capacity and €800 million total investment.

The project will strengthen the company’s Baltic Hub in Germany, which also comprises the operational Wikinger offshore wind farm (350 MW) and the under construction Baltic Eagle (476 MW). Following a total investment of around EUR 3.5 billion, the Hub will have an installed capacity of more than 1.1 GW by 2026, thereby supporting the company’s strategic focus in the Baltic Sea.

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) confirmed on November 4th that Windanker GmbH, an Iberdrola subsidiary, has exercised its right of entrance to the pre-developed site. O-1.3.

Iberdrola will operate the Windanker wind farm efficiently thanks to its previous experience in the Baltic Sea and the use of cutting-edge wind technologies such as multi-MW turbines (15MW class). Additional benefits may result from the nearly simultaneous construction with the East Anglia Hub in the United Kingdom, as well as future initiatives in the European Baltic Sea.

Windanker will be the first offshore project in the German Baltic Sea to come online in 2026, depending on market conditions. The majority of its power output is projected to be dedicated to long-term power purchase contracts in the German market.