Hexicon eyes floating wind debut in Norway


Norway Hexicon will develop a demonstrator project for floating wind power at Metcentre’s deep water area off of Norway’s coast.

The project, TwinWay, is a pilot to commercialize new offshore floating wind technology. Hexicon and Metcentre hope to demonstrate the viability of floating wind power in deep waters by demonstrating that it can generate vast quantities of renewable energy while having a higher average wind speed and lower visual effect than both onshore and bottom-fixed offshore wind power.

Pilot unit at Metcentre

The TwinWay project’s aim is to demonstrate proof of concept for Hexicon’s floating wind base by building and operating a twin wind-turbine pilot unit at Metcentre. Floating wind platforms can be installed at greater depths in the ocean, allowing for higher average wind speeds and less visual effects. Metcentre has applied for approval for a new larger capacity of 85 MW off Norway’s southern coast, which is expected to be granted in 2021. Hexicon has agreed to a conditional site exclusivity deal with a 6 megawatt reservation.