Heerema to install substation for Dogger Bank C in UK


United Kingdom – A contract for the transport and installation of the Dogger Bank C offshore substation has been awarded to the Heerema Marine Contractors by SSE Renewables, Equinor, and Eni.

There will be work on the 3,500-metric-ton jacket foundation foundation, four main piles, and the 9,500-metric-ton offshore substation topside to be transported and installed. In order to stabilize the jacket on the scour bed, Heerema will use the main piles to lift the jacket offshore. Before it is placed on the jacket foundation, the offshore substation will be lowered from a barge.

World’s largest

SSE Renewables, Equinor, and Eni have joined forces to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm, the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, off the north-east coast of England. Dogger Bank is being constructed in three separate 1.2GW phases due to its size and scope; Dogger Bank A, Dogger Bank B, and Dogger C. Dogger Bank C is approximately 560 square kilometres in area and is located 196 kilometers from the coast. On completion, Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be operated by Equinor for an estimated 35 years. SSE Renewables is responsible for the project’s development and construction.

When completed in 2026, the 3.6GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm. To put it another way, the wind farm will supply enough renewable energy to power six million homes and help the UK government meet its goals for the transition toward renewable energy.