H2Carrier, Statkraft to pair ammonia production vessel with offshore wind

Hydrogen Renewables

Norway – H2Carrier and Statkraft will investigate the feasibility of deploying H2Carrier’s P2XFloater, a novel green ammonia floating production vessel, at certain offshore wind sites.

The researchers behind this latest effort hope to learn more about how well the P2XFloater performs in an authentic offshore setting. The research will evaluate the difficulties associated with managing fluctuating loads while running electrolyzers and an ammonia manufacturing process at sea. With its ability to run on renewable energy, the P2XFloater will be able to manufacture green hydrogen and ammonia for export.

Norwegian engineering firm KANFA and its parent business Technip Energies will work with H2Carrier to carry out the study.

P2XFloater concept

Proven technology for floating production, storage, and off-take forms the basis of the P2XFloater concept; this includes pressurized and temperature-controlled tank technology, as well as an e-control system that can balance renewable electricity feedstock via our fully integrated PEM and Haber-Bosch system. The P2XFloater manufacturing platform can generate anywhere from 100,000 to 230,000 metric tons of green ammonia annually and is completely scalable.

In a recent development, DNV granted H2Carrier a “Approval in Principle” (AiP) to use the P2XFloater for near-shore production. By reducing an offshore wind farm’s reliance on grid and export cable infrastructure, the P2XFloater will help increase the installation’s power flexibility.

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