GE’s Haliade-X prototype spinning at 14 MW in Rotterdam


The NetherlandsThe Haliade-X prototype from GE Renewable Energy has begun operation at 14 MW in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With this remarkable achievement, GE Renewable Energy becomes the first company in the industry to operate a turbine with this power output.

The Haliade-X 14 MW is an improved version of the Haliade-X 13 MW, which was certified in January 2021. The GE Renewable Energy team has begun certification measurements on the Haliade-X 14 MW. One turbine may create up to 74 GWh of gross yearly energy production, saving up to 52,000 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of 11,000 vehicles’ emissions in a year.

The ability to generate more power from a single turbine means that each wind farm requires fewer turbines. In addition to requiring less capital, this streamlines operations and maintenance, increasing the affordability and accessibility of renewable energy for customers and consumers worldwide.

The Haliade-X 14 MW will make its commercial debut at the Dogger Bank C offshore wind farm, which is located over 130 kilometers off the north-east coast of England and, when completed, will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, along with Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B. Dogger Bank C will get 87 Haliade-X 14 MW units from GE Renewable Energy.

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