Germany approves close to 1.9 GW of offshore wind


Germany The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has approved the use of offshore wind energy in areas N-3.5, N-3.6, and N-7.2 in the German exclusive economic zone of the North Sea.

In the area, wind turbines with a total output of 1880 megawatts can be built. According to the BSH’s area development plan, the area N-7.2, which is 85 kilometres northwest of the East Frisian Islands, will be put out to tender and auctioned off by the BNetzA in 2022. Wind turbines with a capacity of 980 megawatts can be installed on a 58-square-kilometre site. In 2027, the wind turbines are expected to be operational.

The BNetzA will put out to tender and auction off the areas N-3.5 and N-3.6, on which wind turbines with a total output of 900 megawatts can be erected, in 2023. Wind energy will be generated on an area of 120 square kilometers starting in 2028. N-3.5 and N-3.6 are located about 40 kilometers north of the East Frisian Islands.

According to the WindSeeG, certain interests, such as the protection of the marine environment, particularly marine mammals and seabirds, as well as shipping, must be considered when determining the suitability of wind energy.

Wim Raaijen
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