Fugro to undertake surveys for Denmark’s Energy Island


Denmark The North Sea Energy Island project’s cable route surveys will be performed by Fugro under a new contract with Energinet.

Up to 10 GW of offshore wind power will be distributed from the Energy Island to neighboring markets, including Denmark. Ground engineering challenges along the cable route from the Danish landfalls to the future artificial island location will be studied by Fugro using a combination of geophysical, geotechnical, and laboratory testing services.

Surveys start in March

There will be a series of geophysical and geotechnical surveys beginning in March 2022. Fugro’s Blue Snake geotechnical system will be used to conduct ROV inspections and shallow geotechnical investigations. One pass of the Blue Snake’s sampling technology and cone penetration testing (CPT) allows for continuous testing at fixed distances along the cable route. Integration of high performance vibrocorers and a 10 ton CPT is made possible by the system’s custom launch and recovery system, reducing manual handling and increasing workability in adverse weather. Future cable installation projects will benefit from this cutting-edge technology’s ability to improve design and engineering.

Wind-resource mapping

In addition to the two geotechnical site investigations and the marine site characterisation contract that Fugro was awarded earlier this year, Energy Island now has another contract. For wind-resource mapping, Fugro has installed and operated wind lidar buoys in both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.