Fugro to conduct investigations for Dutch Nederwiek wind farm sites


The Netherlands – The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has awarded Fugro two geotechnical investigation contracts as part of the Dutch Government’s Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2030/31 for the development of the Dutch Nederwiek wind farm sites II & III (noord).

Once finished, the wind farms will offer a roughly 4 GW installed capacity. The contracts call for the gathering of thorough seabed and subsurface geodata across an area totaling 600 km2

Beginning in February 2024, fieldwork will be carried out using Fugro’s specialized fleet of cutting-edge geotechnical vessels for downhole drilling and seabed testing. Fugro’s SEACALF Mk V Deepdrive system for seabed cone penetration testing and WISON Mk V Ecodrive for downhole sampling and cone penetration testing will be installed aboard these boats.

Results processing

Additionally, the capacity of the onboard laboratory will be expanded to allow quicker results processing. Fugro’s expanded laboratories in the UK and Belgium will conduct the ensuing thorough laboratory testing.

Fugro’s data collection will be managed by VirGeo, its cloud-based Geo-data engagement platform, and deliverables to RVO and its consulting engineers will be available in almost real-time. Up to 2025, more processing, laboratory testing, data analysis, and reporting will be completed.

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