Fugro takes measurements for Danish offshore artificial energy island


Denmark Energinet, the company building the world’s first offshore artificial energy island for the Danish government, has contracted Fugro to provide floating wind lidar measurements.

Four SEAWATCH wind lidar buoys will be installed and operated by Fugro at Energioe Nordsoen and Energioe Baltic, which will serve as hubs for numerous different offshore wind farms.

These buoys will begin taking wind measurements in October and keep track of them for at least a year to help with wind resource mapping on the two islands, as well as the development of future wind farms. As part of a separate contract with Energinet, Fugro is already conducting geophysical studies for the Energy Island project to give a valid derisked site interpretation.

Wind measurements may be taken up to 250 m above sea level with SEAWATCH’s wind lidar buoy, while wave and current data can be taken all the way to the ocean floor. As part of this project, the buoy will be outfitted with sensors to record geo-data on environmental impact metrics, including bat monitoring, and serve as a multipurpose platform for these sensors.