Floating offshore wind project progresses in Port of Bilbao


Spain Floating wind allows for the deployment of offshore wind farms in deeper waters, opening up completely new regions around the world.

RWE is on track to become a leader in floating wind by 2030, with one gigawatt of capacity either operational or under construction. RWE is taking part in a number of high-profile floating demonstration projects, such as the DemoSATH pilot project with Saitec Offshore Technologies, to gain experience and pave the way for commercial-scale floating wind.

The SATH concept is built around a modular, pre-fabricated concrete twin-hull barge structure. The precast element assembly operations were recently completed successfully in the port of Bilbao in northern Spain, with the next stage being the complete completion of the floating platform and the installation of the wind turbine. The project will be fully operational in a test field off the Basque coast in the third quarter of 2022.