1st WTG installed with Wind Osprey at the back landscape - Photo: Ties van der Horst

First turbine at Hollandse Kust Zuid installed


The Netherlands – The first turbine of the Hollandse Kust Zuid offshore wind farm was installed over the Easter weekend.

The first turbines were installed after the turbine components were loaded from the Maasvlakte quay. The Cadeler installation vessel Wind Osprey brought parts for four turbines on board, including four masts, four turbine nacelles, and twelve turbine blades.

Søren Andersen, Senior Turbine Installation Package Manager at Vattenfall: “With the arrival of the Wind Osprey in the week of April 12 and the loading of the turbine components, the first installation could start on April 16. The vessel will take four wind turbines on board each trip, with the goal of having all turbines installed by 2023.”

Foundations and cables

At the same time, after the winter break, the second phase of the construction project began. A total of 140 turbines will be installed. The piling of the final 104 foundations will begin now. The Strashnov, a Seaway vessel, will transport and install three foundations at a time, while the Fairplayer, a Jumbo ship, will place the platform on top of the foundation after it has been installed. All foundations will be anchored to the North Sea bed this summer.

Vattenfall is building the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm, which is jointly owned by Vattenfall, BASF, and Allianz. The 140 turbines have a 1.5 Gigawatt total installed capacity.

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