Energiequelle starts Belle wind farm construction in Germany


Germany – The Belle wind farm’s construction has begun. Six Enercon E-147 turbines, each with a 5 MW output and a hub height of 155 m, will be built in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Lippe.

In the future, the farm will provide green electricity to approximately 15,000 households.

The foundation work will begin in May, following the road construction, which began this week. In June, the turbines will be delivered and installed. The use of a climbing crane, which is not set up next to the foundation but climbs the turbine tower, is a unique feature of the construction.

Birds protection

Extensive safeguards will be put in place to protect large birds and birds of prey. For this purpose, Energiequelle has created its own app. This app allows for the controlled shutdown of wind turbines during and after mowing and plowing operations in wind farms, which attract large birds and birds of prey when foraging. The farmer can use the app to select the parcel he wants to work on and have it turned off via the responsible control room. Skylark plots were also created for the duration of the construction work. Skylarks use these patches of cultivated farmland as landing areas, retreats, and breeding grounds.

The Belle wind farm is scheduled to be operational in March 2023.