Deme and Liftra partner to revolutionize offshore wind turbine installation


Belgium – Deme Offshore and Liftra ApS have joined forces to create an offshore installation methodology for the next generation of offshore wind turbine generators.

The partnership combines Liftra’s patented LT1500 Turbine Installation Crane technology with Deme’s engineering, operations, and installation technology to create an Offshore Turbine Installation Crane. The new crane technology can be used on existing vessels to erect higher and heavier turbines at a lower cost while reducing the environmental footprint. It is also suitable for both bottom-fixed and floating turbines.

The new system can be exclusively integrated for use on board Deme’s floating offshore heavy-lift vessels such as ‘Orion’ or ‘Green Jade,’ as well as its existing jack-up vessels. The partners will develop and integrate the technology in stages, and following an extensive testing programme, the pioneering new system is expected to be operational in 2027.

Technology impact

The potential impact of this technology is significant, as it could make it possible to install wind turbines in deeper waters and more challenging locations, which were previously inaccessible. It could also reduce costs and the environmental impact of offshore wind turbine installations. However, the technology also faces potential challenges, such as safety issues and the complexity of integrating the new crane technology into existing vessels.

In conclusion, the partnership between Deme Offshore and Liftra ApS to develop a new offshore installation methodology for the next generation of offshore wind turbine generators has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry. The technology could make offshore wind turbine installations more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, while also allowing for installation in previously inaccessible areas.

Wim Raaijen
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