DEME and Barge Master develop feeder solution for offshore wind


United States/The Netherlands – By entering into a long-term agreement with Barge Master, DEME Offshore US has taken a significant step forward in the development of a US Jones Act compliant feeder solution for upcoming offshore wind projects.

The two companies will collaborate closely to develop motion compensation technology, which will be used in a ground-breaking feeder concept on the Vineyard Wind 1 project, the United States’ first commercial-scale offshore wind farm.

DEME Offshore US was awarded a contract to transport and install 62 GE Haliade offshore wind turbines for the Vineyard Wind 1 project off the coast of Massachusetts in 2021. DEME Offshore will transport and install the monopile foundations, transition pieces, offshore substation, and scour protection for the wind turbine foundations, as well as the offshore substation foundation and platform, in addition to the turbine installation.

DEME Offshore US is working with Foss Maritime, a leading US maritime company, to develop a smart feeder barge concept that is fully compliant with the Jones Act. Following this, DEME Offshore US has announced a five-year agreement with the Dutch company Barge Master, under which it will use four motion compensation platforms aboard US-flagged Foss Maritime barges.


The wind turbine components will be transported from US ports to DEME’s specialized offshore installation vessels using this integrated, high-tech solution. When the Barge Master motion compensation technology arrives alongside the installation vessel, it ensures safe lifting operations – even for these massive components – and increases workability. Tugs with US flags will also tow and push the barges.

In close collaboration with GE and Barge Master, DEME Offshore US developed special seafastening releasing technology and new lifting tools. The new concept, which consists of two fully-equipped smart feeder barges, will be launched in spring 2023 by DEME Offshore US, Foss Maritime, and Barge Master.

The Barge Master concept is based on patented technology that supports a platform and actively compensates for barge motions using control systems and cylinders. The motion compensated platform holds the wind turbine components. Barge Master has two proven platforms that have already been used on a number of offshore energy projects. These two platforms, as well as two larger newbuild platforms, will be tailored to the Vineyard Wind 1 project’s requirements.