Anholt wind farm ventures into sustainable seafood cultivation


Denmark – At the Anholt offshore wind farm in Denmark, a pioneering research project aims to cultivate less carbon-intensive foods while fostering a healthier marine environment.

This unique endeavor, known as the Ultfarms project, is a testament to the evolving perspective on combating the climate crisis—one that transcends energy sourcing to include sustainable food production.

The project, nestled within the Anholt offshore wind farm, strives to harness the sea’s potential not only for renewable electricity but also for cultivating climate-friendly foods. Seaweed, renowned for its carbon sequestration capabilities and the creation of marine habitats, takes center stage in this venture. Additionally, blue mussels, chosen for their minimal energy requirements, will soon join the cultivation, aligning with the vision of low-impact, high-yield food production.

Seaweed and mussels

As part of the Ultfarms project, researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) are deploying lines up to 100 meters long around the wind turbines. These lines host three types of seaweed, selected for human consumption. The subsequent phase, commencing in spring, involves cultivating blue mussels, enhancing the marine environment by providing settling material for mussel larvae. Both seaweed and mussels exhibit energy efficiency in their production processes, making them ideal candidates for future foods.

Nurturing sustainable partnership

Anholt offshore wind farm, jointly owned by Ørsted, PensionDanmark, and PKA, exemplifies the collaboration between renewable energy and environmental responsibility. This innovation project represents a proactive stance toward marine conservation while exploring avenues for climate-friendly food production. The hope is that such initiatives will expedite administrative processes for sustainable offshore wind projects.

Wim Raaijen
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