Ailes Marines inaugurates wind farm technical base in France


France – The technical base of Ailes Marines in the French port of Lézardrieux, serving the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind project, has officially been inaugurated.

The Ailes Marines technical base in the port of Lézardrieux, which has been operational since 2021, consists of an administrative area and a technical area with a diesel tank and a crane. This installation is completed by a heavy pontoon that provides access to the port for boats transporting personnel working on the offshore wind farm’s construction.

In Pleudaniel, Ailes Marines has also established the Kérantour Maritime Coordination Centre, which includes an administrative area, a maritime surveillance area, internal training facilities, and equipment storage.


Pile installation for the project’s jacket foundations kicked off construction on the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm in May 2021. In the northern part of the wind farm, the pre-trenching campaign along the inter-array cable routes was completed in 202. Preparatory operations for the 2022 work were also carried out by the vessel Aethra.

The first phase of construction at the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm site was completed in late October 2021, with Ailes Marines estimating that work would resume in early March 2022.