Financial And Esco Partnerships

11.00 – 11 40 Reducing industrial energy consumption, energy cost and CO2 emissions without own investments – FME

The roadmap towards becoming a sustainable and energy efficient industry is complex and requires capital investments, available expertise, and a razor-sharp focus. The investments are often better used in the core business of a company rather than in energy solutions. Energy investments are often limited by corporate headquarters or only apply for projects with short payback times.

Off-balance financing and ESCO (Energy Services Company) partnerships can help realize and accelerate sustainable energy projects to reduce CO2 emissions. The ESCO is responsible for the capital expenditures (CAPEX), the development, implementation and operation of the energy solutions. This means that the industrial company can focus their CAPEX, people and attention on their core business and still realize the cost and CO2 emission reductions that are required.

This session will guide you through the various financial and ESCO models and is presented by Rabobank, Getec, and Adven, proud members of Project 6-25 that supports the Dutch industry in achieving substantial reduction of their carbon footprint through energy efficiency.