Look back at Industrielinqs LIVE about Work! (in Dutch)


What will happen if all the delayed work has to be done in a short period of time? Double pressure on the technical labour market? Especially if many people are going to trade in a flexible job for the security of a permanent job. Because that’s what’s happening at the moment.

A selection from Industrielinqs LIVE this morning!
With at the digital table:
Wies van ‘t Slot – 360 Work
Philippe English – Air Liquide
Cees Alderliesten – Deltalinqs
Rene Hartman – STORK
John Schonewille – Stratt+ and
Jan Peter Kruiger – MAAK
Feel free to look it over again. And put June 9th and 17th in your diaries!

Industrielinqs Live about Work!
Wim Raaijen
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